A Simple Photoshop Trick to Create Matte Pictures

Creating a matte effect onto your images is a very simple task and can be done easily and quickly in Photoshop. By simply using the curves adjustment tool, you can drag your cursor upwards until you have your desired effect. It's also important to note that not all images can pull off the look and might look better in it's originally form. And to be honest, I prefer the sharper image of my dessert --->. I just wanted to show you how simple it is to make the effect. 

First, open up your image. Next, click on the curves adjustment tool. It's the one with wavy line going upwards.

Next, drag your line (from the bottom) straight upwards. This will give the matted effect. Drag until you like what you see.

And this is the result

Creating a matted image is as simple as that. You can see results in a matter of seconds and it can really give your image a more interesting look! Hope you liked this small picture tutorial and come back to my blog for more!