Dollarama Dinner; Chocolate Strawberry Roll ups

Dollarama Dinner

I had the neat idea of doing a "Dollarama Dinner". You would choose ingredients (from Dollarama) and build a gourmet looking meal or dessert. It's a great way to get creative and have fun!

This was my first time doing a recipe like this, and to be completely honest, it was challenging. I ran into a few problems along the way, inexperience and preparation was my biggest issue. I'm not the best person when it comes to being prepared, which affected my speed. However, I loved the idea that you could create something gourmet with ingredients you can get at Dollarama! It made it really fun!

So without further ado, I give you my experience making this Dollarama Dinner (Dessert)! 

Before you read; Dollarama Dinners include breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes.



The Making Of Dollarama Dinner...

Missing; eggs, butter, cinnamon, sugar

Missing; eggs, butter, cinnamon, sugar

  I went to Dollarama earlier today and picked up these three items. I choose the Armella hazelnut spread, strawberry jam and sliced bread. As you can figure, it didn't cost much at all. 

Dollarama Dinner

First thing I did was take out 6 slices of bread and placed it on a wooden cutting board. 

Dollarama Dinner

I removed the crusts off of the bread. I don't think the roll ups would of looked and functioned too great with them. So there they are, crustless. 

Dollarama Dinner

I choose to spread the hazelnut butter first because of how easily the strawberry jam would glide on. This did not take a long time to do. It was kinda relaxing

I immediately spread on the strawberry jam because I was rolling them up right afterwards. It saved me time and a mess. 

I rolled them up! I had some trouble with rolling a couple of them because jam kept squeezing out. Other than that, I had no major problems.

You'll need to dip your roll ups in the egg wash. This is where I made a mistake, or a boo boo :p I forgot to add milk to my egg wash, so all I really did was whisk 2 eggs together, yikes. When I had placed it on the hot pan, parts of the "egg wash" starting cooking. Gross.

Right after you remove them from the pan, you roll them into the Cinnamon and Sugar mixture. That part was kind of fun

So there you have it. A Dollarama Dinner. And although technically not a dinner but a dessert, was a partial success. Part of this idea was to also enhance and practice food photography, which was true, I practiced. Maybe next time I will enhance. Although I probably won't ever make this again, I had a blast and the concept of this idea was very exciting! I can't wait to see what I can come up with next! 

What did you think of this idea? Tell me below!