How Not to Edit

This post is being written to express my dislike to some outdated photoshop editing techniques still being used today. 

It just breaks my heart. Okay, maybe not. But I hugely dislike it.

You've seen editing like it before. It strikes you but not in a good way. It's as if some people are stuck or want to be stuck in the 90's way of editing. There's been huge changes to the way we edit in the last decade. You know why? because it looks better. 

So I have created an example of an outdated photoshop edit vs how they should be done. 

I hope you learn something from this.

Let's begin..

 Intense Vignettes aren't cool anymore 

Vignettes, when used properly can look good. But, emphasizing it intensely can ruin the image. Keep the image simple and crisp. Use the adjustment layers, such as, brightness/contrast, levels and curves. And if you have some colour in your image, (in this case, the blue deck) use the selective colour tool. 

Keeping things simple works best. It's not overbearing. And you can enjoy smaller details in the image better. 

So say NO to intense vignettes!