My Top 3 Favourite Photoshop Action Websites

I love Photoshop actions. They cut down your editing time by more than half and can make a significant improvement on your entire image. I have personally bought a couple packages from one of the websites below (you'll find out as you read!), and my experience with them was wonderful. 

If you're looking for some great looking photoshop actions, then read through my list and gain insight on them. Click on their link and explore! 

1. Greater Than Gatsby

Greater than Gatsby offers more than photoshop actions, they offer Lightroom presets, textures and overlays. You can browse through their eight Photoshop Collections, prices varying through $50- 120. They have great collections to choose from but their most popular being The Three Nails and The Innocence Collection.

Their Lightroom Presets offer the same quality. They currently offer two collections, Clean Workflow and Sculpted light. You can purchase it for just $75. They also offer the complete Preset Collection for a discounted price of $100, a $50 savings.

On top of that, Gatsby offers their Textures and Overlays. You can purchase their Photoshop Overlay bundle (Transparent Clouds and Transparent Light) for a discounted price of $40, with a savings of $10.  


2. Florabella

Florabella action sets are dreamy, warm and full of light. When I first came across their website, I was instantly in love! I bought two sets from them (Muse and Classic Workflow). I'm really happy I bought from them because their actions are beautiful and fully customizable. 

You can choose from a wide range of Photoshop actions sets, including their most popular set, Muse. Each set comes with a handful of photoshop actions plus some essential brushes and web and print prep. You can expect to spend between $89 to $135 on varying sets. Florabella also offers bundled discounts to save you money.

In addition, they also have textures and overlays. You can purchase them for between $40-60. 


3. Paint the Moon

Paint the Moon offers one of the most cleanest, luminous and beautifully coloured action sets available. You can see the dedication and hard work that's been put in. Definitely worth a try.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $119-219. It's worth the buy since every set comes with more than 50 actions (or more depending on how many action sets you buy in the collection) 


I hope you liked my top 3 favourite Photoshop Action Websites and can find your favourite. Just hover over each image and click on it and you'll be redirected to their website. Happy exploring!

Prices of Photoshop Actions are based on December 2014