How to Capture Beautiful Backlight

There is something so beautiful about sunlight that just makes pictures (and videos) so breathtaking. The way the sun hits the skin, creates a glowing look and outlines details. It's my favourite way to take pictures.

When I first starting taking pictures a few years ago, I never knew about backlighting. My only knowledge of picture taking was clicking the shutter button. I missed out on a lot of golden opportunities but I know how to take them now! I can't remember the day I took my first perfect backlit picture but I do remember what inspired me! It was the Photoshop Action Website Florabella. I was so impressed with her images that I bought her actions. There was one photo I was particularly very amazed with. It was a photo of a child spinning in a barn with the sun beaming behind her. The sunlight was so beautiful!  So from then on, I used the sunlight to my advantage! 

So now I want to share a few tips with you that I learned about backlighting. I hope you can take away some knowledge and take pretty backlighting photos of your own!

1. Take Pictures at Sunset

You can take beautiful pictures during this time. You can also take just as beautiful pictures in the early morning when the sun is rising. When the sun is low, the more breathtaking the image! Every season has different sunset/sunrise times so be sure to check the weather channel in your area for the times. 


2. Shoot Towards the Sun

I often point my camera directly toward the sun and get beautiful images from doing so. You'll also want to take into consideration the angle in which you point your camera to. A slight move to the left or right can make or break your image, so use your judgement when clicking the shutter. 

3. Move Your Subject

The placement of your model/subject is also very important. You'll want to place them at the "perfect" angle. Perfect can mean far left, right, centre. You'll have to use your own judgement. 


I hope you have learned a few new things about backlighting and have gotten some inspiration to take pictures of your own! I promise you'll have fun!