Nick's Surprise Workplace Proposal To Patricia

On Saturday May the 6th, Nick proposed to his girlfriend, Patricia. It was the perfect time for him to pop the question because this was the day he started dating her! Even the roses he bought her had significant meaning. A dozen roses for every year they've been together. 

Nick wanted to surprise Patricia with his proposal at her workplace. This involved some insider help. That's where his friend came in! He told Nick and myself which door to walk through, where and when to walk and where Patricia was. He was a huge help and things worked out great! He even filmed a Facebook live video of the entire proposal!

Nick was asked to walk around the room (it was big) to Patricia's desk, this gave him time to relax and prepare and prevent Patricia from noticing him too early. Finally they meet and he kneels down on one knee and asks her to marry him. 

She said yes.