Elie and Nataly's Pregnancy Announcement

This was a beautiful new experience for me. A pregnancy announcement! 

We took these pictures in a nearby cornfield up the street. A large open beige field.. beautiful! The sun decided to disappear of course, but cloudy skies are a natural soft box! It all worked out in the end. 

I was really grateful for their open minded and bubbly personalities, it shows in the pictures :). Then there's me, frozen in shyness. I was supposed to be the one making them comfortable but they made me feel comfortable instead. LOL thank you. I also want to congratulate the both of you on your pregnancy! I have no doubt you will be loving parents. 

These photos can best be enjoyed most by listening to the only song that reminds me of them (cause I listened to it about a thousand times before, during and after their wedding), and that song is Adios by Ricky Martin.