Spring Inspired Backyard Portrait Shoot

The weather was being fantastic on Sunday so a portrait shoot was the right thing to do. And I didn't have to leave too far from  home. These photos were taken in my front and backyard. I love that I'm able to challenge myself with locations because there's always that chance that the alley way between your house, the back of a grocery store or even a junk yard will look fantastic! 

My sister was my portrait model and I was especially excited to be out photographing because of my new presets I bought for all of my shoots going forward! I am in love with these. I feel like my pictures are 20x better. They're so nice!! Thank you Rooke & Rover Crew LR Presets!

The exterior of my house my location so I had to know where to place her and pose her, and most importantly, I needed to know where I should stand to shoot from the right angle. All of these things are critical to a great photograph, especially with a limited location. 

I am now excited to show off some pictures from the portrait session! I used my new presets for them. 

I just realized that I put similar pictures right beside each other. Oh me..