A Fun New Photography Game to Play at Your Next Event

Have you recently been hired to photograph a large event? Are you nervous about being around large crowds? And do you feel as if large crowds will somehow affect the quality of images you produce? 

I've been there. A few times, actually and it can get a little stressful. But fear not because I have come up with a game YOU can play to restore your self confidence photographing large crowds. It's called Hide-and-go-snap! 

Hide-and-go-snap is a fun and quiet game that you, the photographer, play when you're photographing large events and also small ones too. You simply hide behind and against things or people which can include the following;

  • walls (my favourite!)
  • doors (oh gosh, these turn out gorgeous)
  • tables ( sweet for kids)
  • chairs (also sweet for kids)
  • windows ( I love this one, the reflections from windows are stunning)

The benefits of playing:

  1.  Your pictures will look more professional. Because you're photographing people that don't know they're being photographed, you'll produce more authentic expressions. Authenticity mixed with foreground blur in your images is great when you want to make the picture personal to the subject but retain professionalism. Foreground blur is pretty much always a good idea. 
  2. You'll have fun and gain confidence. Photographing from secret locations that no party guests are visiting or hiding behind walls or windows to capture a fun moment is fun! Not to mention it's also quiet. When you're just starting out the event, naturally you'll get a little nervous. So when you hide away for a little bit to observe the event, you'll loosen up, take pictures behind things, look at how nice it turned out, feel a sense of confidence then sooner or later you'll find yourself photographing in plain sight!