4 Very Genius Food Styling Tips For Your Next Shoot

Do you want to learn some very cool food photography tricks?

I bet you do! 

Have you ever wondered how the top food photographers make their dishes look so mouth watering? I've wondered the same thing. As a regular consumer of food, I know it almost always never looks like what it does on the internet or television. So, how exactly do they do it? What are their secrets? 

I'm not here to tell you something you already know. I want to tell you about all the food styling tips you never hear about. I want to give you the knowledge of knowing how that dish made steam, or how they made those water droplets and much more!

I've included a few of my favourite food photographers in the links in this paragraph. Clinton Hussey, a Vancouver based commercial photographer is a perfect example of striking food imagery. Foodie Photography, Annabelle Breakey and Maya Visnyei are three other examples of very skillful individuals worth getting to know. Their work is inspiring.

Food Styling Tips For You!

1.  Glycerin Water Droplets

This is a cool trick if you want to create fake water droplets that won't evaporate (as quickly)! The recipe is simple. 50/50 parts water and glycerin. Use more or less of the ingredients, if you choose.Quick tip, you can create tiny droplets if you spray close to the bottle, or if you want bigger drops, spray farther. 


2. Make Steam with Cotton

You can make fake steam emerge from any dish with a carefully placed cotton ball. All you have to do is soak one or two cotton balls in water and microwave it for 30 seconds.

3. Make Your Cake Sparkle

Sometimes cake can look dull and dry, to fix this problem, food stylist use hairspray to spark life back into it. It's very simple to do, it's just spray until you are satisfied with the result.

4. Use Mash Potatoes for Ice Cream

Ice cream melts but mashed potatoes don't! They both have similar textures and you can dye mashed potatoes any colour to look like an ice cream flavour. The best part is that you can photograph potato ice cream for hours!

I hope you have enjoyed these 4 clever food photo tricks and that in the near future you use them to produce extraordinary photographs.