My Photography Inspiration!

I love Photography. It's powerful yet simple. Fun yet challenging. It's really perfect for me. I get most of my motivation from fashion photography, reading magazines and looking online inspire my eyes and fill me with creativity! It feels good. So I wanted to share what goes through my mind when I'm in that creative photography mode.

1. I Visualize. A Lot

I think a lot. I visualize a lot about how the shoot will look, what the model will wear, how she'll move and pose, small details etc. I visualize the hell out of it. I don't miss anything. To me, visualizing is my story board. It's literally the best way I organize myself. My advice to you, visualize!

2. I Pinterest and Google Search Ideas

I use the internet to my complete advantage. You can find SO. MANY. IDEAS to inspire you. The thing I most enjoy about these search engines is that you can literally find THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of images to inspire you! You can take (and I've done it) ideas from one photo and  mix it with your own to create your masterpiece. It's awesome!

3. I Look at Magazines

I can find a lot of inspiration looking through magazines that it puts a smile on my face. :) And it's convenient for me to bring to shoots. Just fold it and put it in your pocket! The single ripped image of course! 

4. I Shop at Dollarama

It's ma favourite! Dollarama, is as the title suggest, a dollar store with THOUSANDS of fun and useful things! And candy, yum! I can walk down all the isles that Dollarama has and be inspired by everything. But usually, I'll find myself in the fake flower isle (or wall and the end of the store) and be at peace. All my ideas start flying! 


So, that's me! That's how I think! That's how I process my ideas and get my motivation. I'm certainly glad that I can be so inspired by things that cost a dollar ;) Bye!