Bassima's Bridal Shower

My aunt Bassima is getting married and we're all so excited! Her sister, Mirna (my aunt) hosted the shower in her own home. Her home was decorated beautifully to celebrate. Flowers, signs and balloons were placed throughout the house, even the food picks had something to say! Oh and I shouldn't forget to talk about the absolutely beautiful weather that day. It was a good change from the rain we've been having lately. There were no clouds in the sky!!

As for me, what I was doing other than taking pictures of everything/everyone I saw? I was eating. My sister made these cream cheese roll ups and I love those things. I like to think about them when I'm sad.

We also played games at the party. One game I remember was called, "What's in your purse?". You get points for different things you find in your purse. I lost. Only 33 points. Somebody got 127..136..oh I can't remember but I know it was that high! She almost filled up the entire sheet..

Bassima's bridal shower was fun and the pictures are proof to that. Enjoy them!