Kaitlin and Brad's Fall Inspired Backyard Shoot

I love how fall looks in photos. Except I don't love the cold. I do, however love how each of these photos of precious moments turned out and I'm so excited and proud to show them off! 

Of course, as the title suggests, it was fall. The weather was crisp as well as the leaves. The leaves were different colours and the pictures looked magical because of it! Thanks autumn! 

The location was extraordinary and my friends didn't even have to drive anywhere to get to it. It was their own backyard! It was large, had beautiful large trees that were changing in colour, a rustic old shed which looks magical in every image its in. It's all packed into one! 

Kaitlin and Brad were phenomenal to photograph and it was effortless to capture their love. 

Jessica Khalafkaitlin, brad, fall