Leona's First Communion

I was invited to photograph precious moments of Leona's beautiful and joyful communion celebration at a banquet hall. It was the first communion I've been to that was held in a banquet. It was beautiful and I wish I could have celebrated this way!  Not only was the hall beautifully decorated, there was entertainment in the form of a magician! I was floored by some of his tricks that he preformed and I am still trying to figure out how he did it! 

It was a sit down dinner with appetizers and desserts and everything that was served was very tasty. I remember being served a cantaloupe wrapped with prosciutto and it was life changing. I really enjoyed what they served!

Leona was dressed in the most beautiful communion dress and veil with the most sweetest smile! And her little brother with his hat was so cute! 

Now, please enjoy the pictures of Leona's beautiful communion! Feel free to listen to some music while looking through.