Unclaimed Bike Causes Concern for Locals

HIGH PARK, ON- After a long walk through the neighbourhood with long time girlfriend, Kevin Callaway, a local visitor, told reporters he noticed the bike had been left unclaimed since 11 a.m this morning. Concern also grew with Kevin's long-time companion, Courtney Wilfire, an Elementary School Guidance Counselor. "It's concerning. It's past 5 and it's not like it's been here for a short while, it's been here at least 6 hours. I'm worried for this persons bike and safety". High Park Police Detective, Bill Harley, issued a missing persons alert in light of the growing concern for the unclaimed bike and missing owner. "We're taking action and alerting the public of the situation. It's our hope that with the help of the community, we can finally reunite the owner with his or her bike." At press time, locals breathe a sigh of relief when they're alerted that a witness saw the bike owner walk into nearby pizzeria wearing a uniform and hat. 

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