Photography Assignment! Photograph A Couple

Say hello to your new photography assignment! This is a special assignment for me because it's my very first assignment that I created for you guys! I thought it would be fun and educational for you to complete photo projects, especially for someone who wants to enter a photography course but can't afford it. 

All my assignments are free. All you have to do is complete them. My marking scheme is fairly straight forward; you complete the work, you get full marks. That simple! I want you guys to have fun, learn and challenge yourself with new and exciting ideas! 

The fun thing about these assignments is that they're downloadable, so you can print them at home. It'll feel exactly like an assignment that you would get at school! 

There is something of an unspoken rule for these assignments. It's not obligatory but all assignments are due two (2) weeks from their posted date. You'll have to follow me on Facebook and bookmark my site to see updates from me!

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Handing in your assignment is easy. Comment below with a link to your blog so I can see your work and others can too! 

Download your assignment here.

Jessica Khalaf