May Photo Challenge

May is soon approaching so I think it would be fun to make a fun photo check list. This check list will contain 31 things to photograph for the entire month of May. How fun! Hopefully by that time leaves and flowers are starting to grow, they haven't where I'm living! It's sad because it still looks like winter. Tear.

This check list is for me also, as well as for you guys. Just like you, it helps with motivation and creativity. Just what I need! Sometimes I think the trees will never bloom their pretty leaves and flowers won't blossom their pretty pedals. So in order for me to place myself into a more positive mood, I create lists of fun things to do, in this case, a check list! 

It's quite simple to do this activity. First and most importantly, wait till May. Then when May the 1st comes, get your camera and SNAP! 

If you want to make this activity more fun, invite a friend along with you. If it's something easy, then it's better to do it on your own BUT if it's difficult to find in your area, bringing a friend along can make it easier to find. It can also become a fun adventure that can last the entire day! 

Some words of advice. Please be careful where you take pictures. Certain areas are restricted for good reason and some areas have No Trespassing zones. Be respectful of these and only venture into safe areas.

Make sure you download your photo check list here

Have fun capturing May!

Make sure you comment below and tell me about your experience with your list!

Jessica Khalaf